Scheduling Jobs and Crews

Buying groups have retail outlets that process thousands of jobs and move enormous amounts of inventory each month.  At all levels, from the central office of the buying group to the dispatch desk of each individual retail store, scheduling is an extremely important part of running a smooth, efficient operation.  In order for managers, crews/installers, sales people, measurement people, order desk, inspections, repair crews – you name it – to work at peak efficiency, scheduling must work smoothly and instantly adapt to changing customer needs, inventory availability, crew availability, and the myriad other variables that affect company success and customer satisfaction. Our clients depend on the Concepture Scheduler to deliver outstanding performance.  The Concepture Scheduling module puts everyone in the entire operation “on the same page”.

So much more than a Scheduler

Copyright-Kashmoo-FlooringSoft-SchedulingThe Concepture Scheduler was designed from the ground up to be the perfect scheduling system for the retail stores who are members of buying groups.  It has everything you need to track and manage your crews, trucks, employees, or any other resource.  Work orders and other custom forms can be directly attached to jobs and events on the calendars, and accessed with a single click.  Most importantly, you will finally have 24×7 access to all of the mission-critical information on every computer and mobile device that has permission to view the information. 
We designed the Concepture Scheduler to be easily configured to fit your unique way of doing business.  With many easily configurable options and views, we can also help you improve your business processes by tightly integrating Scheduler with the rest of your business to digitally transform the entire retail experience of your customers.
Our scheduler can easily be fully integrated with your custom Concepture Business Operating Systems (BOS) to provide seamless end-to-end integration of every area of your business including order processing, sample checkout, job processing, purchasing, receiving, inventory, job costing, commissions, and full integration with your accounting system. 

Concepture’s Scheduler – No more waiting

Specifically, Concepture Scheduler provides instant access to all schedules for your sales team, measures, and jobs. The information is instantly available on the Internet with your secure login from mobile devices. 
Work-Order--Copyright-Kashmoo-2010It is easy to add new installers, change their position in the list, and set defaults.  Scheduler allows you to see and print your work orders right off of the calendar screen. Remember – our custom systems allow you to continue to use the business processes and unique data-entry forms that you’ve refined and used for years in your business.  That means that your team will have instant recognition and familiarity and almost zero training and re-learning.
You can enter information right into the live forms on the screen, and any changes you make are instantly available to all other parts of the system. Need to make a change to the schedule? Just drag and drop jobs from one crew to another, and from one day to another in an instant. The scheduler will update everyone involved, and everyone has instant access via desktop or mobile devices. 
Find it fast – Powerful Searching and Custom Color Coding 
Custom Color Coding Legend
Concepture Scheduler allows you to choose a set of custom colors for your calendar events.  In addition to color coding each label can be customized, allowing you to define a perfect match to your unique process. Colors can be used to show the status of an event, such as “Material Ordered”, “Job Staged”, or “Installed”; or alternatively, some stores use colors to show the type of job, such as “Estimate” or “Repair”.  Every business has a unique color coding system to quickly identify the status of your jobs.  What you want is the ability to use a more powerful schedule without having to relearn or change the way you work. Concepture Scheduler makes this possible along with an extremely powerful searching to find anything that matches. Every field is searchable. This is very useful when a customer or installer is waiting on the phone. Every aspect of your business can be tied into Concepture’s Scheduler even for an enterprise organization at the central office.
How Scheduler Works in your Central Office
The Central Office of your Buying Group can use Concepture’s powerful, fully integrated scheduling functions to manage corporate events.  This capability allows the Central Office to create, edit and manage corporate events that are instantly updated on the shared Central Office calendar, and also on the company calendar of every individual retail store in their network.
In addition, the Central Office of the Buying Group can create marketing campaigns around product details, and manage the tasks involved with getting discount pricing for the campaign communicated to the retail outlets.  The Central Office can also use scheduling functions to manage their internal teams, such as the design team who is creating graphics for the campaign (for example), and other similar calendar events to organize the staff for campaign deadlines.  Give us a call so we can discuss your scheduling requirements.