Purchasing and Inventory

Transforming Your Business

Concepture is a digital transformation services provider that simplifies the challenge of building custom software solutions for end-to-end seamless integration of business processes with mobile accessibility. The client interface is process-centric not code-centric. The Concepture Platform works with your existing IT infrastructure and provides rapid application development for business process automation. Concepture has over 12 years of experience in the flooring industry providing custom enterprise-wide systems for large-scale, multi-location flooring businesses, buying groups and franchises.

Constantly Updated Inventory Availability


Whether you are a buying group or a retail business who is a member of a buying group, you have an ongoing demand to show the material that is in your warehouse right now.  Management and the sales team need to know this, as well as the staff members who are responsible for purchasing, receiving and inventory management.  As we discuss on our Accounting Integration page, where we stress direct access to updated accounting information, the same requirements exist for inventory management.  You never want to miss a sale because of missed items or out-of-date inventory data.

With over 12 years of history building custom systems, Concepture understands the needs of retail businesses.  Custom-configured Concepture systems work with your existing legacy systems to display key information, such as your Inventory & Special Orders list on any device, including tablets and smart phones, to enable you to quickly determine your currently available quantities. The “Current In-Stock” value shows what is in the warehouse. For example, a “Current Available” value can show what is in the warehouse, but not yet assigned to jobs.

Let’s go Deeper

As an example of a custom-configured Business Operating System (BOS) that Concepture recently delivered to a client, if the userclicks on an Inventory Item, they can see everything they need to know about it, such as assignments, and view a full history of not only the assignments, but of receiving as well. They can add the inventory item to their products list with a single click, and can track by dye lot, roll number, and bin location. Assignments show quantity “reserved”, “soft reserved”, and delivered. In addition, theycan create and view manual adjustments, and create a warehouse tag with speed and ease.

Handling Special Order with Ease

If the user of this custom system clicks on a Flooring Special Order or get a more recent image from Mark], they can see everything they need to know about it, such as its receiving history, delivery history, and warehouse tag. They can add the item to their products list for future use with a single click, and track it by dye lot, roll number, and bin location.

With Inventory comes Purchase Order Management

Concepture custom-configured BOS systems give the usermaximum power and flexibility in processing purchase orders. At the simplest level, a user can quickly and easily create an individual PO for one job. They  can also easily combine purchases from several jobs into a single PO. See all PO’s for a single vendor using the filters on the Purchase Orders List. The user can receive all material with a single button click, or go directly to a vendor website from the PO. The PO allows the user to enter all of the important information about their flooring order: reference number, estimated arrival date, who ordered it, and more!


Fast, Easy, Flexible Receiving

With Concepture custom-configured BOS systems the user can receive all or a partial amount of any particular line item. They can also receive an entire purchase order with a single click! Generate a Receiving Ticket or get a more recent image from Mark]using any screen throughout the system where the user can see a line item (such as on a PO, a sales contract, on the job cost sheet, the material on order list, or a work order). If you can see it, you can receive it.

Deliver Me!

In Concepture custom-configured BOS systems, keeping track of deliveries couldn’t be simpler. You can deliver all or part of any single line item, or mark all of a PO as delivered with a single click. Just like the receiving ticket, you can generate a delivery ticket from anywhere in the system that you can see the item. Delivery tickets are used in situations such as when you are dropping something off with no installation, or for example, when you are delivering hardwood prior to installation in order to allow it to acclimate.

You Have Your Assignment…

In Concepture custom-configured BOS systems, you can assign material to a quote or a contract. There are typically two types of assignment status: “Stock Reserved” and “Soft Reserved”. “Stock Reserved” means that the system will actually deduct the material from the available quantities in inventory. “Soft reserved” does not actually deduct from available quantities and is used mainly for quotes.

Tag It and Bag It

Creating warehouse tags couldn’t be easier in Concepture custom-configured BOS systems. Data for the warehouse tag is automatically generated from information that is already in the system. The Warehouse Tag can be configured to have a large format roll number, the customer name, bin location, job number, PO number, and the work order number – everything you need to reference this order.

For The Purchasing Manager

Concepture custom-configured BOS systems typically provide several very useful lists to assist the purchasing manager. When a salesperson marks a contract as ready for ordering, and requests an order date, the contract shows up instantly on the “Jobs Ready for Ordering” list. Based on permissions and options, the PO can be generated by the salesperson, or by the order desk. The purchasing manager usually also has two other lists that are very useful: the “Material on Order” list, and the “Material to be Ordered” list.

What are you Challenges?

If your business is hitting the wall with complexity in managing inventory and creating accurate timely purchase orders and receiving tickets, then let’s talk. Concepture simplifies the challenge of staying competitive by directly employing a process engineer who uses the Concepture Platform to transform business processes with the your existing IT infrastructure. We strive to use the forms you have already created and give you the ability easily modify them as you improve your inventory and business processes.