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We’re Hiring
Concepture is hiring Application Development Engineers, people with technical aptitude plus people skills. Sales Engineer skills are a close match.

What We Do
We help businesses run more effectively by building cloud-based enterprise applications using our BILDR Framework.

What is the BILDR Framework
The BILDR framework is a powerful development environment that makes it fast and easy to build and deploy enterprise-scale applications. With the BILDR framework, you can build anything: business applications, websites, social networks, marketplaces, full end-to-end CRM/ERP/EHR/EMR application suites and more – all with responsive mobile access. With its intuitive browser-based drag & drop interface, you can use the Platform to make changes and instantly deploy them. The applications run stand-alone and independent of the BILDR framework.

After investing over 250,000 developer hours building the BILDR framework, and an equal amount of time configuring hundreds of custom systems for our clients, today the Platform contains a full set of completely integrated objects, actions and events that have been exhaustively tested, refined and optimized for blazing performance. It’s hosted in public or private cloud, or on-premises.

What You’ll Do
You’ll first get up to speed on our BILDR framework, working under the direction of a Project Lead. Later you’ll work directly with clients, map out their requirements, and use the BILDR framework to create a working prototype in a matter of days, then serve as project lead through subsequent iterations to deployment of the final application.


Company Culture
Fit is critical. We look for co-workers who are authentic, happy and low-drama. You’ll work with a very talented, high-integrity, tight-knit team that consistently delivers outstanding results to our customers.

Tech Skills / Aptitude
You’ll need a “computer science mindset.” You have strong logic skills and enjoy high attention to detail.

People Skills / Aptitude
You enjoy working with people and they enjoy working with you. You’ve either worked in a client-facing role or you would like to move into one. You’re a conflict-resolver.

Business Skills / Aptitude
The more first-hand experience in business processes, the better. Tell us your work history in fields such as distribution, retail, manufacturing, medical, legal, energy, etc.

This is an in-office position in Austin.

Interested? Send a letter of introduction and/or resume to