Job Costing and Commissions

One of the biggest challenges and frustrations for businesses in the flooring industry is job costing.  Regardless of whether your business is primarily retail, commercial, retail, builder or multifamily figuring out job costs and commissions can take a lot of time each month.  Also, just keeping all of the information together and making sure nothing has “fallen through the cracks” is a time-consuming activity.  Concepture automates these manual tasks and that includes integration with your accounting system for real-time 24×7 access with mobile devices. This is the hallmark of digital transformation of your business to grow profits and continually improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

FlooringSoft Job Cost Sheet -- Copyright (c) Kashmoo Inc 2012MDTypically, before using Concepture, owners would use spreadsheets to try to gain an overall picture of the profitability of jobs, and would often spend days every month to compile and analyze the information, requiring a lot of duplicate data entry.

A custom-configured Concepture BOS provides powerful tools that will automatically deliver important reports, such as a detailed Job Cost Sheet for each job, and a Margins Report for all jobs.   For the business owner, these are “must have” reports. The Job Cost Sheet automatically calculates the margin of each individual line item, and by line item type, as they are entered onto the quote, giving an instant forecast of the final job costs and profits.  In addition to line-by-line costs, the Job Cost Sheet also calculates costs and margins for the overall contract and breaks the costs and margins down by line item type.  Vendor bills, subcontractor pay, and hourly pay are typically fully integrated into the job-costing calculations as well.
Maximize Your Margins.

A custom-configured Concepture BOS Margins report provides complete management reporting for all jobs, including revenue, costs, and margins, which can be viewed by any combination of filters for date range, customer name, job type, salesperson, and many other filters.

Commissions and Payouts
Custom-configured Concepture BOS commission calculations can handle just about any commission plan. Commissions are automatically calculated on flat or sliding scales, off of revenue or gross profit, and can be different for each salesperson and department.

Transforming Your Business

Concepture is a digital transformation services provider that simplifies the challenge of building custom software solutions for end-to-end seamless integration of business processes with mobile accessibility. The client interface is process-centric not code-centric. The Concepture Platform works with your existing IT infrastructure and provides rapid application development for business process automation. Concepture has over 12 years of experience in the flooring industry providing custom enterprise-wide systems for large-scale, multi-location flooring businesses, buying groups and franchises.