Accounting Integration

Getting to Real-Time Integration with your Accounting systems

Central offices of buying groups and their retail stores all share a common problem: their accounting data is not seamlessly integrated across the entire enterprise.  For example, the retail stores may each be running QuickBooks, while the central office is running Great Plains, and the various legacy software systems at all levels don’t talk to each other.  What businesses need now is real-time, end-to-end integration, with 24×7 mobile access, across all retail outlets and all departments at the central office.Accounting-22

The Bigger Picture

Let’s review a common set of problems that Concepture solves with it’s Platform and process-oriented approach to building a custom software system for buying groups and retail flooring businesses.

For example, say that your accountants and bookkeepers want to continue using QuickBooks in the retail outlets, and the retail outlets agree that certain information should be “rolled up” to the central office for the mutual benefit of everyone.  In this case, your staff knows and trusts QuickBooks, and you’ve invested a lot of time and money in training everyone to use it. The problem is that QuickBooks doesn’t really handle the flooring-specific aspects of your business, such roll-based inventory with dye lots, etc., so you have to continuously work around it.  Some floor-covering-specific business management software systems have unsuccessfully tried to create their own accounting module.  The truth is that these solutions are sub-standard accounting systems when compared to industry-standard solutions such as Xero, Intacct, and QuickBooks.  As a result, with these “home-grown” accounting components, accounting is often the most difficult and risky component of the system, typically lagging in features and failing to  keep up with changing laws and regulations.  In fact, many retailers return to using QuickBooks for accounting after they have purchased and converted to floor-covering-specific software. This leaves them in a position of using two systems and double entering all sales information. Result: Errors, lost time, frustration.

The fact is that accounting is best handled by dedicated, industry-standard accounting software but there’s typically a very challenging barrier between the accounting system and the other moving parts of your business that must be removed.

So, staying with a dedicated, industry standard, accounting system like Xero, Intacct or QuickBooks makes sense, but where do you get the expertise to integrate your chosen accounting system with the other business management software throughout your entire enterprise?  This is where a custom business management software system is needed that captures your unique way of working.  Concepture understands the digital transformation of business.

For example, Concepture has the most advanced QuickBooks integration in the flooring industry with real -time, 2-way, QuickBooks synchronization. Our Platform provides a conduit for fully encrypted information to automatically flow back and forth between Concepture’s platform and QuickBooks.  Any time anything changes in either system, both systems sync to provide up-to-date information within seconds of changes. Other flooring software either doesn’t integrate with QuickBooks at all, or typically only has a one-way, manual batch process, leaving you without current information.  More importantly, our configurable API allows us to fully integrate with any industry-standard accounting software, whether it is QuickBooks, MYOB, Xero, Intacct, etc.


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Putting it All Together

Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero, Great Plains,, Intacct or any combination of off-the-shelf accounting systems, chances are switching to a new accounting system would be painful because:

  • Your accountant and bookkeepers don’t want to change,
  • Your staff knows and trusts the system you have, and
  • You already have licenses to the accounting software.

An integrated accounting system that can help grow your business would:

  • Eliminate the sea of spreadsheets which were created to handle various unique aspects of your enterprise that your accounting system did not do or do well, and
  • Provide better reporting with relevant data coming from all departments, available 24×7 in real-time.
  • Provide both operational detailed inventory as well as viewing inventory in terms of asset value for tax purposes.

Concepture’s enterprise-scale digital transformation services seamlessly integrate with accounting components to provide a custom ERP/BPA (Business Process Automation) solution for any size business group, central office and retail business.  Your Concepture system will bring the following parts of your business together for real-time access:

  • Integration with existing or new accounting software
  • Quoting, Contracting, and Invoicing
  • Purchasing, Receiving and Inventory
  • Warehouse management
  • Scheduling customer meetings, measures, installations, repairs and inspections
  • Scheduling corporate events and marketing campaigns
  • Accurate Job Costing (vs Average Job Costing) and complex commission structures
  • Job Profitability Analysis

Concepture makes this possible without adding IT staff and without the pain of moving to different accounting software.  Let Concepture integrate and digitally transform your entire enterprise.  Please give us a call or send an email today so we can speak further with you about how to digitally transform your business.


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